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ALIDE is a residency program run by female and non-binary artists, with the aim of creating space for each other. We work based on a collaborative approach known as "Each one, teach one" (a central tenet of hip-hop culture).


It is based on the need to offer opportunities for young artists who often lack access to space. ALIDE specifically targets female and non-binary dance artists in hip-hop, house dance and other African-American dance forms. This is especially important in a Eurocentric and male-dominated world of dance, where safe and supportive environments for women and non-binary people's artistic processes are limited.


ALIDE invites artists to collaborative residencies where they have the opportunity to develop their artistic methods and tools. Our approach involves and strengthens not only individuals but also the community as a whole.

July 2022 was the first edition of ALIDE. It hosted 19 artists from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Italy during a week-long residency in Karepa.


ALIDE is a project created by Fredrika Burvall, who represents AxAKavAT and collaborates with local Karepa Rahvamaja and Väinö Wimberg in Karepa, Estonia.

The residency was documented by Rina Abantao and a full film will be released soon.

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