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GALAX is a theater and dance performance specially created for children and youth.

We introduce the audience to topics such as self-acceptance, strengths in diversity, being unique and the importance of valuing and expressing feelings.

Through acting and dancing in various hip-hop and street dance styles (Locking, House, Hip Hop, etc.), we want to take you on a journey through an encounter that changed the universe.

"A long time ago, everything was dark...

The universe had no galaxies or planets.

This is where our story begins.

Some of you probably already know our names;

we have the brave Fire, the soothing Water, the grounded Earth,

and last but not least, I, the fanning Wind.

Length: approx. 30 min

Target group: 4-12 years

Dancers & co-choreographers:

Louie Indriana, Chiara Gilioli, 

Andreas Sanchez, Fredrika Burvall, Hugo Sivermalm, Viivi Forsman

Co-Choreographer & dramaturgy:

Viivi Forsman


Chiara Gilioli

Along with the performance, we also offer activities with workshops by the artists in accordance with the theme of the performance.

For more information contact


GALAX is ready to perform at your event.

Contact for technical details and more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Supported by:

Gula Villan

Region Stockholm

The Cultural Council

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