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Making Waves

Is it easier to accept fear if we continue forward,

straight into it?  


Making Waves is about the courage to dare to be.

About the courage to act courageously. 

About the group, the individual,

about holding and being held back,

lifting and being lifted.
About the liberating effect after someone dares.
The power that is created not only within one but about the courage that spreads to those around,

like waves.

Length: approx. 50 min

Target group: 14-19 years

Choreographers: Binita Kharel, Fredrika Burvall


Dancers: Eshidoreen Paradiso, Rebecca Livaniou, Binita Kharel, Fredrika Burvall

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Supported by:

Dansens Hus Stockholm,

Swedish Cultural Council, Malmö Dance Week.

Trailer: Erwin Semler

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